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Free space optics deployment

Free space optics EC SYSTEM easily integrated into any network infrastructure.

You do not need any frequency licence or permision.

Free space optics (FSO) EC SYSTEM Applications:

  • Connection of base station mobile operators and possibility of installation additional GSM retranslationfree space optics deployment
  • High capacity connection of corporate clients to mobile operators, internet, etc.
  • Connectivity throws river, streets, railways etc.
  • Video surveillance (high capacity for connection Public Safety 
  • Connection of company buildings
  • High Safety Connection (governments administration) 
  • Organization of connectivity thru industrial places (airport, historical monuments, parks, own territory, etc.
  • Connection business centers, etc. to internet and calls

If you need to do immediately temporally connection  - free space optic equipment EC SYSTEM is the best solution.

Samples of success installation of EC SYSTEM Free space optics:

EL-100 M, 100 Mbps,  distance 2000 m, Internet service provider,  Czech Republic

EL-100 M, 100 Mbps,  distance 6000 m, Internet service provider,  Czech Republic  success-story-fso-czech-republic.pdf

EL-1Gs, 1 Gbps, distance 1400 m, Internet service provider, Czech Republic  

EL-1GS, 1 Gbps, distance 1000m, connection of bankś building, Luanda, Angola 

EL-1GL, 1 Gbps, distance, 2900 m, government, Mexico City, Mexicosuccess-story-fso-government.pdf

EL-10G, 10 Gbps, distance 1500 m, Internet service provider, Mexico city

EL-100 M, 100 Mbps, distance 120 m, mobile operator Russia

EL-100 M, 100 Mbps , Russia- distance 6500 m, mobile operator

More EC SYSTEM Free space optics success stories click here 

RECOMMENDED EC SYSTEM Free space optics (FSO):

EL - 100 M, capacity 100 Mbps FULL DUPLEX, distance up to 7000 m

EL - 1GS, capacity 1 Gbps FULL DUPLEX, distance up to 1200 m

EL - 1GL, capacity 1Gbps FULL DUPLEX, distance up to 4400 m

EL - 10G, capacity 10 Gbps FULL DUPLEX, distance up to 1500 m


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