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Free space optics (FSO) 100 Mbps full duplex

Free space optics (FSO)Model EL-100M  Distances from 50m to 7000m, throughput 10/100 Mbit/s Full Duplex, latency less 0,25 ms

Main Benefits of free space optics:

  • High security of the wireless optical channel and transmeted information
  • No need to obtain frequency lincences
  • Radio interference immunity
  • Automatic transmitters power regulation enlarges the FSO lifetime (more than 120000 hours)100 Mbps free space optics equipment
  •  Easy and fast installation (from 20 minutes)
  •  Full duplex ALLF «double channel» technology
  • Calibrated backup channel


  • Security systems                                                                                                          

  • Banks
  • Privat companies
  • Internet providers         

          Deployment of FSO in Angola                                  

Key features:

Fast autotracking

Fast and precise automatic guidance of one transmit-receive module to another during wireless communication.

Aerodynamic shielding

It protects optical head from overheat, prevents receiving and transmiting head from being clogged by snow. It´s an effective barrier from contamination by smog or dust.

Double channel technology

It provides automatically operated switching to the reserve channel and back to the optical channel. Switching time is 0.5s.

Management and monitoring:

UDP (firmware), SNMP traps, Web, RS-232

Real-time AGC (Automatic Gain Control)

is used in every model to regulate the optical transmit power of the laser diode depending on the link quality which is constantly monitored. This is to ensure high availability of the transmitting circuit.

Real-time Auto tracking

is used in every model to compensate for thermal expansion that occurs as a result of mast and building movements.

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