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Free space optics FSO 10 Gbps full duplex

Free space optics (FSO) Model EL-10G  Distances from 50m to 1500m, Spatial stabilization system, Latency of optical channel: 0,02-0,05 ms,weight only 9 kg of optical outdoor unit, and weight of Interface unit (indoor unit): 2 kg, Protocol: IEEE 802.3/ IEEE 802.3u  

Main Benefits of EC SYSTEM Free space optics

  • High security of the wireless optical channel and transmeted information  free space optics 10Gbps deployment
  • No need to obtain frequency lincences
  • Radio interference immunity
  • Automatic transmitters power regulation enlarges the FSO lifetime (more than 120000 hours)
  •  Easy and fast installation (from 20 minutes)
  •  Full duplex ALLF «double channel» technology
  • Calibrated backup channel

Key features of EC SYSTEM Free space optics:el-10g.pdf

The maximum data speed is 10 Gbit/s

The EL-10G is the only model in the world market commercial FSO system, which guarantees fullduplex data transmission on speed 10 Gbit/s. The EL-10G model has real communications capacity in the Full duplex mode as distinct from radio equipment.

Fast autotracking

Fast and precise automatic guidance of one transmit-receive module to another during wireless communication.

Aerodynamic shielding

It protects optical head from overheat, prevents receiving and transmiting head from being clogged by snow. It´s an effective barrier from contamination by smog or dust.

Double channel technology

It provides automatically operated switching to the reserve channel and back to the optical channel. Switching time is 0.5s.

Improved communication lines stability

The optical transmitter has a low spatial coherence but high temporal coherence. That improves communication link stability when the line works in highly heterogenous optical channel (atmospheric turbulence, works through glass)

Real-time AGC (Automatic Gain Control)

is used in every model to regulate the optical transmit power of the laser diode depending on the link quality which is constantly monitored. This is to ensure high availability of the transmitting circuit.

Real-time Auto tracking

is used in every model to compensate for thermal expansion that occurs as a result of mast and building movements.

Space stabilization (autotracking)

- system became more accurate (+- 0,05 mrad precision) and more reliable

Build-in reserve channel output with management  (TDC).

Narrow beams with small divergence (0,55 mrad)

 Built-in system of the aiming and targetting

Effective monitoring through IP network

Management, monitoring

UDP (firmaware), SNMP traps signalling Remote control through IP-networks


Universal mounting set

Quick and easy transmit-receive modules mounting on horizontal, vertical, angled surface

and for communications mast

SFP+ Delivery of necessary SFP+ modules is made on request of the customer

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