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Vector Point to Point

The Vector wireless Point to Point equipment is a brand new Vector wireless Point to Point solution at 5 GHz and 70 GHz frequency bands with an impressive performance. The Vector wireless solution provides a unique combination of price, performance and quality. product designed for the small and home office (SOHO) market and Wireless ISPs.

Vector wireless Point to Point equipment uses new Octopus SDR Software-Defined Radio (SDR) platform designed to solve problems such as limited spectrum availability, growing interference challenges and demands for more capacity.

Key features:

  • Software-Defined Radio technology
  • Instant DFS
  • Automatic Repeat reQuest (ARQ), ARQ allows to recover damaged data by retransmission
  • Adaptive
  • Modulation and Coding (AMC),Per-stream АМС of Vector 5/6 allows to choose optimal MCS for each polarization. In combination with the maximum number of MCS this allows to get a maximum of Number of MCS  possible throughput and reliability in uneven interference in each polarization.
  • Advanced Modulation Code Scheme
  • Highest Batch Performance
  • Duplex scheme H-FDD allows to set different frequencies for transmitting and receiving that can help to decrease interference's’ influence in some cases 

Key Benefits:

  • Reliable operation in adverse spectral conditions
  • Cost-effective remote links in rural areas
  • Simplicity and universality of installation
  • High reliability 
  • Better technical parameters and functions particularly throughput,
  • Packet performance
  • interference mitigation techniques 

Vector line parametrs

ParametrsVector 5Vector 70

Wireless 5GHz Point to Point bridge Vector 5

Wireless 70GHz PtP bridge Vector 70

Superior interference mitigation solution

Long-range connectivity

Lightly-licensed or unlicensed solution.depending on local regulations, High-density networks in urban areas.
Descriptions Transmit power up to 27 dBm • Wired interface: 1x Gigabit Ethernet port (RJ45) Transmit power up to 11 dBm • Real throughput up to 480 Mbps • Wired interface: combo 1xGigabit Ethernet (RJ45)/1хSFP port,Vector 70 and BX 70 allow the possibility to choose the connection type by copper or fiber-optic (SFP port) interface
Frequency 4,9-6,0 GHz 71-76 GHz
Distance up to 10-40 km
Throughput Real throughput up to 460 Mbps in 40 MHz and packet performance up to 900 000 packets per second. 480 Mbps
Supports 14 Modulation coding schemes (MCS) with the possibility of dynamic selection depending on the radio signal propagation conditions. Automatic Repeat reQuest (ARQ).8 Modulation-Coding Schemes (MCS).Automatic Modulation Control (AMC)
Highly efficient mechanisms for operation in high interference environments: Instant DFS, ARQ, etc. QoS, VLAN, Q-in-Q
Antenna gain 23 dbi or 2x N-type  39, 44 and 50 dBi,Antenna having a pencil-wide narrow beam. • Installation of equipment with high density without the need for frequency-spatial planning.
Transmit power 27 dBm up to 11 dBm | up to -86 dBm
Channel width 3.5 / 5 / 7 / 10 / 14 / 15 /20 / 28 / 30 / 40 МHz Channel width: 125 MHz
Duplex scheme TDD, H-FDD,  Packet Performance PPS 900 000 TDD



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