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Power One Power Cabinet System PODS 16.48 and FMP 16.48

Power One Outdoor Power Supply System PODS 16.48-8000 HEX VENT

Power One PODS 16 Outdoor Power Cabinet System is completely self-contained standby-power solution provides rectification, system management, power distribution, and climate control. The PODS 16 utilizes the power-dense FMP 16.48 rectifier, providing an industry-leading efficiency of 93.5%. The PODS 16 has ample room to also house up to 680Ah of batteries, an internal controller, and customer equipment such as radio links. The use of interior space is also optimized by incorporating a system air conditioner, or heat exchanger, inside the access door. The PODS 16 operates from a 230VAC, or 415VAC 3-phase, input and accommodates up to ten 1.6 kW, 48-volt, 32-amp rectifiers.  Rectifier modules feature input-overvoltage disconnect, output-overvoltage shutdown, and thermal protection. Internal-rectifier cooling.

The power one cabinet contains the PPRD 16.48-8000 subrack power system in compliance with IP 55 protection degree and a Heat Exchanger (HEX) unit with cooling capacity of 55 W/K.Power One power outdoor cabinet

Power One PODS 16.48-8000 HEX VENT power system consists of a locable cabinet with air conditioning and the equipment for rectification and battery backup. The PPRD 16.48-8000 incorporates rectifier module, system controller and DC distribution unit in one integrated 23 inch/4 U module.

The Fan-Cooled Modular Power Rectifier Module FMP 16.48 is modular power supply designed for parallel operation and plug-in installation in the PPS 16 power system  The rectijfieres provide extremely reliable DC power in very high density. The module incorporates power monitoring solutins. The rectifiers in the system are controlled by the controller.


FMP 16.48 FMP 16.48 fmp1648.pdf


PODS16.48-8000 HEX Cabinet pdf

  • P/N 1-148306G
  • Input: 230/400 Vac 18A 3pH, 44-66Hz    
  • Output: 44-56Vdc/8000W

Power One power cabinet systemPower One power cabinet systemPower One power cabinet systemPower One power cabinet system

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